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Will Marijuana Use Be Legal in Asia?

Will Marijuana Use Be Legal in Asia?

Marijuana use is one of the biggest issues around the world. United States is not only the country embracing the possibility of countrywide legalization success. It was forecasted that marijuana legalization may or may not find favor in the federal government. Until now, even the new administration of America expressed the possible stoppage of cannabis trade in eight states, which have allowed marijuana utilization recreationally.

With America stepping up for the unusual, even other countries are considering the possibility. You could say that supporters of cannabis exert every inch of their efforts to encourage others for support. At present, more and more studies are being ramped up to prove the many benefits of marijuana.

Asia is a big continent, making people wonder if it will ever consider the big change. It can be noted that physicians from China 5,000 years ago recommended cannabis-based tea to treat malaria and gout. Will this be the second largest economy’s reason to initiate the legalization in the region?

Asian Laws on Marijuana Use

There are varying penalties related to marijuana use in different countries of Asia. To provide you a few, here are the following:

Brunei. Marijuana use in the country is equivalent to severe punishment, which even the U.S. State Department have reiterated.  If you are caught with more than 600 grams of cannabis, you will be sanctioned by death.  There is a case in 2004 that led to hanging of a man for having 922 grams of pot.

Cambodia. The marijuana laws in the country may range from five years in jail to life imprisonment. However, Cambodia does not enforce this well given the rampant marijuana use in the country.

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Indonesia. Similar to Cambodia, there are reports that there are severe punishments for marijuana use or possession, but these are not apparent in the country. There are revelations that police could be bribed in case you are caught. However, if you have confronted a licit officer, you may stay in prison for a decade due to the violation.

Malaysia. Trafficking drugs will not be assumed if you have less than seven ounces of pot. However, it is still a widespread caution for you not to be sentenced for trafficking since it is equivalent to death. This is also the reason why even foreigners are advised to be very discreet in purchasing marijuana while on tour, even to locals.

Vietnam. Marijuana use in the country is equivalent to being confined for drug detoxification. The time period may range from two to five years. However, if you deal with large amounts of pot, you may face death.

China: Eyeing a Big Industry for Large Profits

You would not be able to deny that China has been the leader in the manufacturing industry. Many have speculated that the country may take advantage of the recent legalizations of marijuana in different countries to dominate the industry. China is also linked to exploitation of cannabis trade with over 50 percent of its patents involved or related to marijuana.  Firms in the country have submitted 309 patents out of 606, which were attested by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

What Studies Say

A study by Sean Kirkpatrick, M.A. and Juliet P. Lee Ph.D. on the Social Meanings of Marijuana Use for Southeast Asian Youth indicated that young people tend to smoke pot to fit in with their marijuana user friends. Moreover, their respondents revealed that marijuana is their way of escaping their daily problems. Conclusively, marijuana smoking is now playing a large role in the youth’s lives, which indicates that further attention must be provided to the matter.

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It could be said that Asia is still far from legalizing marijuana use despite the reports of pot use in different countries. At present, there is no indication of a shift in opinion, especially from the religious countries in the continent.