Home Technology Genius Pipe: Claimed Future of Smoking Marijuana

Genius Pipe: Claimed Future of Smoking Marijuana

Genius Pipe: Claimed Future of Smoking Marijuana

Genius Pipe is one of the not-so-conventional developments for marijuana smoking. It is made up of different features that will make the pot experience the best you could ever have.  The tool eliminates all major problems a smoker encounters. It may be small, but the portable, durable, and sleekly designed tool is a technology most smokers are dreaming of.

Is There a Marijuana Technology?

Genius Pipe is simply one of the latest technologies that are changing the way you smoke marijuana. At present, different manufacturers took advantage of how great the shift of public opinion is on pot smoking. Apparently, from pipe to appliances, you have tons of choices to make marijuana use more convenient. One good example is a home growing system. From the name of the product itself, you will grow the seeds of cannabis yourself, and the appliance will monitor the nutrient, pH, and temperature levels of the plant for best cultivation results.

What Makes Genius Pipe Different?

There are different reasons why Genius Pipe is a distinctive tool for smoking pot. You could begin with its waterless filter. The dimple structure of the tool develops micro vortices in millions per breath. These are substances that will cool and clean your marijuana smoke minus water.

Moreover, it was claimed that Genius Pipe will retain the flavor of marijuana, which is often lost with the use of standard pipes, vaporizers, and bongs. Since the tool makes use of waterless filter, the original smell and taste of your pot will be savored. The revolutionary solution would help users get the most out of each strain of cannabis.

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Genius Pipe even added that it could give you a healthier solution. It eliminates coughs or unpleasant experiences when you smoke since the pipe does not burn the throat or lungs.

Quick maintenance is another reason why you should reconsider the product than buying another standard pipe. It is constructed with 12 magnets, which are strong enough to fit snugly. Cleaning can be done by separating the top area from the bottom part. You also need to use 70 percent alcohol to wipe the tool completely. To use the pipe again, simply slap back the top and bottom parts.

If you are a traveller, you will definitely love the sleek design of the pipe. It is compact enough to fit in your purse, pocket, or bag. It has a cover that could protect your marijuana against wind. Take note that the product is also smell proof.

The Importance of Smoke Cooling

The product lives up to the importance of cooling smoke. According to the developer of the tool, hot smoke has always been detrimental to the health. People who inhale hot fumes often end up with lung problems such as the Bullous Lung Disease.

This smoking pipe is perfected not only to the mechanism of cooling smoke, but by the structure itself. It is made from aluminum instead of wood or glass. Aluminum has 250 times better thermal conductivity than the mentioned materials. Besides, the developer of the pipe attested that aluminum is a proven non-toxic material, which is why it is used even in medical devices, kitchenware, and purifiers of drinking water.

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Idea Behind Dimple Design

Dimple design is applied in the development of the product. The developer compared the idea to golf ball that flies at a longer distance with dimples. It was explained that dimple creates vortex that serves as air-made bearing.

Genius Pipe will most likely replace all traditional pipes in town. It prioritizes obtaining the best experience from the herb. As emphasized by the supporters of the product, there is a reason why there are many strains of marijuana, and it is to enjoy varying taste and aroma.