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Why Cannabis Tech Companies Should Work with Celebrities

Why Cannabis Tech Companies Should Work with Celebrities

SAN FERNANDO, CA – The Kid Ink and Fetty Wap’s 2015 music video, Promises, concentrates on giving Kid Ink’s girlfriend a surprise wedding.

But if you watch it carefully, you will see two boxes of Candy pen sitting on the table. You will also see that everyone’s using a Candy pen.

Everyone knows the love affair between rappers and cannabis tech companies. Wiz Khalifa, for instance, is an endorser of the G Pen. Meanwhile, PAX, another vape firm, is collaborating with The Weeknd.

Given the relationship between marijuana and rappers, this affair may not seem surprising. However, there’s a shocking legal reason behind these endorsements. It’s illegal for MJ firms to advertise their products in any form, even in the US where weed consumption is legal.

Here in California, Chapter 15 of Props 64 limits marijuana promotion through radio, cable, print, and even on the internet. This is because approximately 72 percent of the audience is 21 years old and up.

In Colorado, pop-up ads are controlled, as well as “out of state people.” This means that you can’t have a marijuana company in Colorado that runs a national ad.

Even Facebook and Google prohibit any form of promotion of marijuana and cannabis-related products. Facebook bans advertising any drugs, while Google considers weed as a “dangerous product or service.”

Standing out amidst restrictions is difficult, especially nowadays as the market is continuously growing.

Roger Van Zandt, KandyPen’s Vice President of Sales, discussed how easy it is for a vape company to launch their products. According to Van Zandt, anybody can go to a global trade website and find a supplier, which most cannabis technology companies do. He also added that the market is full of people who do this because they don’t focus on the brand, rather, they concentrate on making money.

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In this industry, companies are investing their money in product placements and endorsements. However, they cannot do it if they don’t partner with creative agencies. Green Street, one of the top marijuana innovative firms, has worked with world-renowned rappers like Snoop Dogg. They also represent two weed festivals – California’s Cannabis Chalice and Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup.

According to Rama Mayo, President of Green Street, the key to a successful collaboration is connecting celebrities with companies that share the same interest and passion.

Advertising remains the same whether the artist is endorsing marijuana or not. They would know whether they’re getting paid for money, or the firm is taking their products seriously. Thus, it’s crucial for top cannabis tech companies to find an endorser who supports and uses their items, Mayo explained.

As for marijuana tech companies, they’re trying to make their products accessible, and product placements works for them.

But when it comes to legal futures, neither Van Zandt nor Mayo seems to be worried about it. For KandyPen, Van Zandt emphasizes that their brand isn’t a cannabis business; it’s an electronic company.

Meanwhile, Mayo refers to California’s medical marijuana history as proof to his point. Therefore, they will find a way to survive should someone file a complaint against them.