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Congress Finally Prepares to End War on Weed

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Just recently, a federal lawmaker has made a push that would stop Uncle Sam from interfering with the laws that favor marijuana. Initially it was confirmed that the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was striving to impose a serious crackdown on the marijuana industry.

A few days ago, the Republican Congress representative Dana Rohrabacher from California tabled a major bill in the House of Representatives. The bill is tailored to stop President Trump and future leaders from interfering with states that have legalized cannabis. The name of the bill is Respect State Cannabis Laws Acts of 2017. This bill will protects the marijuana community by giving them immunity and preventing them from being persecuted by the federal government, but this is for as long as one follows the state laws to the later.

However, it is said that this proposal may probably not bring to an end the prohibition, in a way that marijuana will be regulated and taxed just like beer, but it would alter the Controlled Substances Act in a way that there would be no interference or loggerheads between the federal laws and state laws. In short, the prohibition state will remain the same.

According to a statement Robert Capecchi, the legislation is nothing but a common sense theme that is long overdue. Capecchi is currently the director of federal policies for Marijuana Policy Project. Capecchi further said that this is the perfect time to end all prohibitions against marijuana, especially at federal level, and that states should be given the mandate to come up with their own policies.

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He continued to say that federal tax dollars are a fortune and should therefore not be wasted on arresting individuals and prosecuting them, especially those who follow local and state laws accordingly.

This is actually more than the second time that Representative Rohrabacher has tabled this kind of legislation. In 2015, a bill of the same stature was introduced to the House of Representatives as well. However, this legislation did not receive enough attention. However, now, thanks to majority of states having legalized cannabis in a way, Rohrabacher sees this as the actual season for the federal government to give in to his demands, and end the long war on marijuana.

In a statement, Rohrabacher said that he believes the Federal Government should not take any legal steps to lock up a person for deciding to use marijuana privately, whether and individual is rich or poor. In addition, the government should not be giving people excuses that they are in a position to prevent people from using marijuana or interfere with their person lives, they should be left to make their own decision, based on their own interest.

In addition to that, many people in America are now supporting the reforms in marijuana laws. In 2016, an opinion poll was conducted and it found out about 70 percent of the population think marijuana needs to be legalized at federal level.